Stella Velon as the title character in A. Strindberg’s  ' Miss Julie' | Robert Castle, ITNY, Copenhagen

Stella Velon as the title character in A. Strindberg’s 'Miss Julie' | Robert Castle, ITNY, Copenhagen

one of the most outstanding young actors I’ve worked with
— Robert Castle, Artistic Director, ITNY

Stella fell in love with acting when a modeling job in Paris brought her to the set of the feature film 'Vive la Vie', starring Alexandra Lamy and Didier Bourbon. Director Yves Fajnberg spotted Velon and offered her her first speaking role. She went on to study at some of the most prestigious drama schools in Paris, New York, and Los Angeles while continuing to model and take jobs in theater, film, and TV. Most recently Stella starred in her directorial debut which she also wrote and produced, the critically-acclaimed short drama ‘The Critic’, named among the winners of Amazon Studios’ inaugural All Voices Film Festival by a jury that included the co-Head of Movies at Amazon Studios (Julie Rapaport), Head of Diversity at Amazon Studios (Latasha Gillespie), and Founder and CEO of IMDb (Col Needham). She is currently in active development on the dramedy series (inspired by her modeling years in New York City) she recently completed (script & show bible) in which she will also star. Stay tuned!





Winners of the 2019 Method Fest | From left to right: John J. Jacobs, Michael & Edward J. Olmos, Stella Velon, Jean Gabriel Kauss & Milan Chakraborty  Photo: Eddie Ruvalcaba

Winners of the 2019 Method Fest | From left to right: John J. Jacobs, Michael & Edward J. Olmos, Stella Velon, Jean Gabriel Kauss & Milan Chakraborty

Photo: Eddie Ruvalcaba

Festival Angaelica @ Catalyst Content (for ‘The Critic’)

BEST ACTRESS (Nominee) & BEST SHORT FILM* (Recipient)
The Method Fest (for ‘The Critic’)
*Celebrating outstanding performances in independent film

BEST ACTRESS (Recipient)
Queen Palm International Film Festival (for ‘The Critic’)

Best Shorts Competition (for ‘The Critic’)



“…a powerhouse performance. Velon is incredible in this role she wrote and is able to direct herself through a wonderful selection of intense and compelling scenes with skill… Her character's experience… is so entrancing in its brutality and should resonate with a large amount of viewers. For me, a jaded male critic, I would still say this is one of the best leading performances of the year so far.”

– UK Film Review

“Velon outshines everything in the film! Her performance, be it her body language or the nuanced expressions or even something seemingly insignificant as the posture are so sharp that it’s hard not to be affected.”

– Indie Shorts Mag

“Stella Velon’s ‘The Critic’, a poignant, insightful look into the soul of an actress, with the measured performance of Velon is a 14:55 minutes long film that gently peels off the veneer of glamour.”

– Indie Shorts Mag | Editor’s Pick

“Velon brings charm, an undeniably innocent allure, and a deeply grounded sense of vulnerability in her role as the actress, a fresh face on the scene who’s coming off a recent awards win for a performance… Velon just makes you experience every little iota of joy, then initial uneasiness, then full-out anger and panic the character goes through to such a stirring degree, a gorgeous performance without question.”

– One Film Fan

“Velon’s performance is excellent and poignant... She grabs you from the start, establishes an emotional connection with the audience, and then straps you in on an emotional roller coaster ride.”

– Film Threat

“I was just recently reading an interview that Will Ferrell conducted with acclaimed actor Joaquin Phoenix, whose resistance to media coverage is well known and whose every response reveals both his strengths and his vulnerabilities. It was a powerful interview, simultaneously simple yet layered in emotional complexities. The same is true here, Velon's presence appears to be one of strength and confidence only hours after having picked up a major acting prize yet that confidence begins to tatter with each subsequent question as the questions transition from probing to penetrating to badgering to downright bullying. It's powerful, disturbing actually, to watch Velon's entire being shift throughout the interview - her language, her facial expressions, and her body language all revealing every little transition in subject and tone.”

– The Independent Critic

“a scene with… Velon as she sits slumped on the ground, questioning wether to relapse into drug and alcohol use is the film’s most powerful. It requires a terrific physical performance of tears and pain from Velon, and she delivers… the pain – both psychological and physical – is palpable, and Velon (through her direction and acting) makes us feel it.”

– The Movie Buff

“Her performance as a talented but uncertain actress is exquisite in creating psychological mystery… The script is a powerful foundation which is intensified tenfold by the performances of the protagonists.”

– Indy Reviews

“…Velon ably carries the film. Her wealth of expressions do far more work than any dialogue could, admirable for anyone directing themselves.”

– Acting Hour